Positive transformation is about getting the right people in the room.


Play Colab is experimenting with a salon* to encourage engagement in conversations about social transformation. Revolutionary thinking is about having the right people in the room and so every month or so we gather 20 interesting and diverse people to hear a thought leader kick off a discussion of importance.

*A brief history of the Salon

Throughout history revolutionary thinkers were those who were able to operate outside of religious dogma or sometimes even a nation state to allow them to freely think about issues effecting humanity. Historically they were given safe harbours in institutions, societies, other more tolerant nation states and, during the enlightenment period in Europe, the Salon. The latter originated in Paris but soon spread across Europe as places where big thinkers interested in social reform could share, expand and discuss their ideas. Incidentally salons also played a critical role in being the first places that allowed women in leadership. It should be noted that they were hosted exclusively by female salonierres.

We are located in the heart of Auckland, a city undergoing a revolution. And we have created The Revolution Room as our salon space.

Would you like to Play? If you have an idea that needs airing, or an open mind to share, [email address=”admin@playclc.com”]get in touch[/email].

Upcoming Salons

We’re currently planning our 2020 salons – watch this space.

Past Salons

June 2016 – The Housing Crisis #1

A discussion kicked off by Jeremy Hanson, Editor of Home Magazine, to explore new approaches to housing development to help disrupt the current bind of the housing crisis.

July 2016 – The Housing Crisis #2

Another go at the same topic. This time Economist and Co-Author of Generation Rent, Shamubeel Eaqub kicked off a lively debate which culminated in critical discussion regarding Auckland’s Unitary Plan.

October 2017 – Loneliness

Lead by Leadership@Play course alumni and now Play collaborator Yolande Dewey, this Salon explored the social epidemic of loneliness.

November  2017 – Global Citizenship

A mini salon where we invited Dr Hilary Chung from Auckland University to discuss Global Citizenship, in light of the new degree she is developing – Bachelor of Global Studies.

February  2018 – Euthanasia

In light of the current bill being debated in parliament, a diverse group of people discussed their views on Euthanasia facilitated by Janice Byford-Jones, CEO of Cranford Hospice.