What is a contemporary leadership colab?

A collaborative hub of thinkers and doers deeply invested in innovative approaches to systemic, organisational and personal transformation.

While the market is calling for almost continuous reinvention, for most people habits of thinking and doing are deeply embedded. Squeezed time frames, lack of challenging stimulus and a fear of the unknown result in an unconscious commitment to the status quo. Hence, Play CoLab is about disrupting the worldview of organisations and the people who drive them forward (or unwittingly hold them back). We put as much focus on helping individuals get out of their own way as we do shifting the stuck thinking around culture and systems.

We do this through a number of contemporary approaches to research, cultural shift programmes and leadership development courses that are all insightful, experiential and challenging.

Our specific expertise in gender and awareness around generational shifts provide an enlightening wake-up call to the limitations around current approaches to diversity and inclusion strategies.

  • Most transformational change efforts ignore the need for shifts in consciousness and culture – this is tough stuff.
    Bob Anderson