Sandy Burgham

Sandy works with companies and individuals interested in innovation and reinvention for themselves, executive teams or their brands. She has held a number of commercial leadership roles in New Zealand and London, in three sectors – communications, research and fashion retail and through these experiences she became fundamentally interested in gender and how it pertains to leadership. Thus having attained certification as a leadership coach,  in 2013 she began studying Gender at Auckland University and joined the management team at Global Women as their Director of Leadership Development where she was instrumental in the evolution of the Breakthrough Leaders Programme and led the 2014 and 2015 cohorts. She has been a social commentator, writer/blogger and public speaker on social trends and re-invention. She offers a range of dynamic personal and professional development experiences for a diverse range of people which sees her collaborating with a range of experts in their fields.


Nicky Benson – One of NZ’s most well known facilitators Nicky’s keen interest is authentic leadership and how notions of individual courage can lead to positive systemic impact in workplaces and communities. A ‘leadership revolutionary, her style has been described as inspiring, creative, courageous, insightful and transforming. Her commercial experience spans roles as Head of Product Training for The Body Shop in London, Rogen Consultant Director at PwC in area of Resilience and as learning Director for the NZCSI Social Entrepreneurs School.

Dr Peter Blyde – With over 20 years in leadership development including a Phd in executive perceptions in leadership across Australasia, Peter is one of the most deeply respected and experienced thinkers in the field. Bringing academic rigour and specific expertise in strategic thinking to his work, Peter co-created and led the Hillary Leadership Programme for The Leadership Institute 2005-2010, is a key contributor to the University of Auckland Business School C-Suite leadership develop­ment programmes. and helped pioneer New Zealand’s first 12 month integrated leadership development programme He also designs and delivers in-house leadership and executive team development for New Zealand’s major pub­lic and private organisations. www.catalyst4.co.nz

Jenny Devine –Jenny works as an executive and leadership coach and facilitator across a range of industries. Her core area of interest and expertise is Conscious Leadership and how the essence of leadership mastery requires an essential intrinsic shift. She challenges her clients to gain self-insight through understanding their conditioned modes of operating and how to consciously reset their dial. She has an M.A. Consciousness Studies, is a Certified Integrative Coach and is credentialed (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Jenny served on the Board of the Australasian Chapter of ICF from 2014-2016 and was President in 2015. Her background is in operational and project management roles across multidisciplinary teams in the public health sector. www.jennydevine.co.nz

Brian Lawrence – Brian has worked internationally in the educational, corporate and diplomatic sectors for over 15 years. As an Occupational Psychologist with a deep expertise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ™ he has led certification programmes for MBTI™  across Australasia and Asia for a number of years and published articles on personality type. His passion for experiential learning has led him to create a number of innovative products in the leadership and team development sector that he uses in dynamic, playful leadership development experiences.

Dr Jane Horan – Economic Anthropologist. Applied anthropology is a discipline undergoing exponential growth in key international markets reflecting the need for businesses to have a deeper appreciation of social change, multi-cultural frameworks and impacts of globalisation on local markets. Play Colab is excited to be collaborating with Jane on social insights research and strategic projects. Jane works with organisations keen to more fundamentally understand the social construction of markets and how the powerful shifts occurring politically and culturally impact not only commercial approaches but also their social license to operate.

Sue Hornblow – Sue is an executive coach facilitator and trainer with driving interest in unlocking the specific behaviour that are holding back the effectiveness of managers and leaders. Having joined a global training consultancy in 2002 she was exposed to best practise global development practise and she continues to draw from a range of globally researched tools to support her coaching including The Leadership Circle, MBTI and Genos Emotional Intelligence & Motivational Assessment. She recently joined the global faculty of The Leadership Circle Profile and is assisting in the certification of coaches using this tool. Sue has a specific expertise in sales and hence is often sought out to work with sales-focussed organisations both in team and individual development. A passionate sailor she also runs fully experiential team development workshops on the water. www.suehornblow.com

Pastoral Care

Yolande Dewey – Yolande is a Creative Business Mentor who also works as a freelance producer and consultant in advertising, film and media. In amongst this rich and varied life, she also is a trained lifeline counsellor and has given her time, wisdom and support to this organisation and others to help make people and communities heartier and healthier.  A Play Colab course alumni, Yolande now collaborates with Play in a pastoral care role.  Read more about this here (click to pdf) or visit yolandedewey.com