Play Colab fundamentally shifts the worldview of people and organisations. We raise the consciousness of leaders, awakening them to the realities of the systems in which they operate and their own deeply embedded ways of being.

This is not information, it is transformation.
And it is delivered in a number of ways:


Culture Shift Consultancy

As a deeply experienced researcher and strategist, Sandy Burgham leads a small team of Play Colab collaborators including economic anthropologist Dr Jane Horan, which consults to organisations needing a seismic shift in cultural understanding and practice particularly around the areas of diversity and inclusion.

A testimonial from Joe McCollum, Human Resources Director at Spark NZ:

“Spark initially invited Play Colab in to undertake a review following the departure of several senior women to understand better why these women had left – and whether any systemic issues existed that impacted negatively on our gender diversity aspirations. Sandy and her team undertook a thorough review which in the end, went much wider than this and revealed quite remarkable, ground-breaking insights. Their unique perspectives have really driven us to think very differently as an organisation about diversity and inclusion. Play Colab have not only been very professional in their approach, but have also brought fresh thinking which has challenged our traditional mindsets around culture as a product of leadership and particularly in terms of the role of leadership in shaping our D&I agenda. Although Sandy and her team have a methodology, they have put in considerable time and effort to “get behind” the culture. The impact on our organisation of the work has been quite phenomenal. And now a year later, we have seen a complete step change in the conversation around diversity and inclusion and an organic shift, led by our own people, to a significantly more inclusive working environment. It has been a privilege to collaborate with Play Colab and has made a real tangible impact on our organisation.”

Contemporary Leadership Development Courses

Play Colab courses fundamentally shift the mindset of individuals and open up their worldview of themselves, others, organisations and the world around them.  We curate small group experiences taking into account gender, age and experience, previous leadership development, desired outcomes and needs.

Play Colab also collaborate in designing and delivering or organization-specific bespoke programmes to pivot the trajectory of a group. These projects leverage the experience and thinking from the wider sphere of activity to meet a specific need.

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Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement

Play Colab fosters civic engagement and dialogue on things that matter. To this end, we curate and host thought-leadership salons that connect diverse individuals and engage them in conversations that count.

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Leadership Coaching

Play Colab actively promotes individual coaching as a support function of a group development approach.

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If you need to stage an intervention in a business trajectory, operate outside a comfort zone, reset the agenda, recalibrate executives and teams, or are simply called to play a different perhaps bigger game, then get in touch.