Play Colab fundamentally shifts the worldview of people and organisations.

This is about getting unstuck. If you need to stage an intervention in a business trajectory, operate outside comfort zones, reset the agenda, recalibrate executives and teams or simply rock someone’s worldview – call Sandy on 021 871 699.

People Leadership

We offer courses to fundamentally shift the mindset of individuals and open up their worldview of themselves, others, organisations and the world around them.  We curate small group experiences taking into account gender, age and experience, previous leadership development, desired outcomes and needs.

We also collaborate in designing and delivering industry or organization-specific bespoke programmes. These projects leverage the experience and thinking from the wider sphere of activity to meet a specific need.

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While we favour executive coaching as part of the a group development approach, we can provide recommendations and introduction to experienced leadership coaches for one on one work.

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Organisational and Brand Leadership

We can provide strategic direction an/or research-based solutions to enable organizations make authentic connections with audiences.

Thought leadership

We are interested in encouraging civic engagement and dialogue on things that matter. To this end we curate and host thought-leadership salons that connect diverse individuals and engage them in conversations that count.

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