Here are some of the courses we provide that are currently in play. We also customise programmes, short courses and experiences for specific groups including in-house teams. For more information, contact us here.


Our Leadership@Play Summer / Autumn 2020 programmes are aimed at those in their late 30s to mid-50s who may sense the need for something deeper to achieve a fundamental shift. 

This course takes place within a group of eight senior executives, curated carefully to ensure a commonality of life/career stage and position, and at the same time considering diversity of person, personality and industry sector. Sessions are anchored in a leadership theme and where appropriate, are co-facilitated with a guest expert in the field.

The Second Act

The Second Act programme is for those at mid-life, who may feel a little untethered to familiar ground, and are looking for insights and momentum to generate a nourishing next phase. 

Participants have usually had a good working life, possibly even a stellar career but are having trouble getting into gear to create a Second Act. It is likely there has been an ending of sorts that has left a void.  Some have opted for a new role but more out of safety and/or necessity and there still remains a yearning to do something more interesting and meaningful.

The Contemporary Leader

The Contemporary Leader course is aimed at those in their mid to late 20s or 30s, in an established role and to whom career progression is important.

While you might doubt your own ability in some areas, you are beginning to realise that you are considered “emerging talent”, despite still being unsure of what leadership may mean for you. You also may be stuck due to self-doubt, fear, repeated patterns tripping you up, and feedback that has left you flummoxed. You may need guidance on where to go next, and could do with some sort of immediate ‘toolkit’ in order to enhance how you play with others and perform inside and outside the workplace.


Our Alumni@Play offering serves as an opportunity for our past Players to retreat, review and reboot. This has been designed in response to many alumni asking for continued learning and development options.

Various options include a 3-night retreat at Great Barrier Island or an extended group-coaching experience across a 4-5 month period in Auckland or Wellington. The alumni offerings are an opportunity to both review your progress and restart a new phase of growth; we will revisit core concepts and endeavour to reboot your inner operating system.

Te Kaa

Precious Clark has created a new and unique training course called ‘Te Kaa’ that ignites people’s learning, understanding and experience of Māori culture in a safe and exploratory environment.

Te Kaa gives you a basic foundation to be able to consider Māori culture within your decision-making processes, policies and procedures and strengthens your ability to connect with your Māori colleagues and clients. Te Kaa is suitable for people with limited or no knowledge of the Māori world, or those looking for a refresher to bolster their confidence.