What is contemporary leadership?

Collaborative, creative, and customer-centric approaches to reinvention.

While the market is calling for almost continuous reinvention, for most people habits of thinking and doing seem deeply embedded. Squeezed time frames, lack of challenging stimulus and a fear of the unknown result in commitment to the status quo.  Hence PLAY is about disrupting the worldview of organisations and the people who drive them forward (or hold them back).

Be it an issue to do with organisational leadership, brand leadership or people leadership, Play provides insights and solutions that are collaborative and creative, less theoretical and more experiential.

While we do provide a some public professional development courses this is not about off-the-shelf solutions.  We take on projects to do with brand leadership – personal, organisational or customer-led to help reinvent their future. We work with individuals, leaders, teams and peer groups to reinvent how they frame up leadership.

And in an era where “Diversity and Inclusion” is a central theme, our particular expertise in gender will challenge current approaches to this imperative.

  • The definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
    Albert Einstein