Individual Coaching

Leadership coaching is about bringing the best of that individual to the fore and leaving behind the self-limiting behaviours and beliefs some of which they may initially be unaware of. This can supplement a group experience to make the latter more powerful.

A few things to think about…

How up-to-it are you to navigate others through this ever-changing context – multi generational, multi cultural and global?

Who supports you in your development?

Who calls you on “your stuff”?

What are you doing with those nagging self-limiting beliefs? Haven’t got any? – what does that tell you?

When do you sit back and really observe how you handle things?

Where are you going next in your working life? And how does that fit in to the overall picture?

Some FAQ’s:

What is coaching vs mentoring?

What is Leadership vs Life Coaching?

What kinds of people work with a coach?

What outcomes can you expect? 

What does a client have to do in coaching?

What’s with that “journey” word? 

How long does this take?

How do you choose a coach?

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If you have other questions, want more details or to speak to some clients, get in touch.

Who might coach me?

If you would like to explore one on one coaching through Play Colab contact to arrange a time for a quick phone conversation from which a suitable coach will be recommended.

Or contact one of our collaborators directly:

Jenny Devine

Nicky Benson

Peter Blyde