We have an extensive list of client testmonials, here are a few. If you would like to speak to people who have collaborated with us on a course or project, then we can put you in touch.

Darryl, Head of Department, Public Sector

“It is not often I have the opportunity to ‘work on myself’ and choosing to work with Sandy and Jenny, their collaborators and my course companions on the Leadership Co-lab was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. I was looking for something that would help me to make a ‘seismic’ shift, not just a nudge, and I found it. I learned some excellent new models, techniques and perspectives, but two of the most significant outcomes were understanding why I am the way that I am, and feeling much better connected with myself and those around me. And because I am becoming a better and more aware leader of ‘myself’, I am becoming a more effective leader of others in different areas of my life. I now feel like a much better version of myself which was important because I didn’t actually want to be anyone else. At work, I have had consistent and positive feedback about the shift. The careful curation and intellectual rigour of the course content is
stimulating and the careful and thoughtful way it is delivered all adds up to ‘amazing’. But beware, the work is not easy. It’s success relies on being truly honest with yourself and others in your group and you need to be prepared to drop the veil and contribute fully for the benefit of all. This is far from your ‘average leadership course’ but afterwards you will feel far from average.”

Ian, GM, Banking Sector

“I can personally say I have found this programme so beneficial in helping me more aware of blind spots & recognise what leadership strengths I have. It is without doubt one of the best programmes I have been on. Content of modules is extremely high and the collaborators Sandy works with are first class. What makes it so powerful is the fact the learning is cemented by coaching sessions in between each play session & targets behavioural change. The group numbers are extremely small and encourage you to work closely & learn from
one another. Each element of the course really challenges you personally to look at the impact you can have on other people as a leader. The fact Sandy helps you understand “who you are” as an individual and why you behave the way you do, really helps you look closely at your leadership traits. A couple of standouts for me: Stages of adult development including recognising & understanding your Ego (what triggers you & why); Diversity & inclusion, this session was so amazing, confronting and really made me think about how well I really
understand its importance; Leadership Circle – this is without doubt one of the greatest parts of what the programme helps you understand how you can be a stronger leader. As you can probably tell I am pretty passionate about the work Sandy does, it certainly challenges the way we teach/coach leadership at the moment.”

Karen, Managing Director, Creative Sector

“Play’s Established Leaders Programme was an astounding, insightful, energising and inspiring experience for me. It’s had a huge impact on the way I go about my leadership day-to-day and I recommend it to anyone with curiosity and enthusiasm around being the very best leader they can be.”

Ray O'Reagan, Chief Executive, Connect 8

“The programme had a major impact on me, it’s a whole life changing development programme which truly does encourage you to look at yourself in a whole new way. I never thought it would have such a positive effect on so much.”

Amanda, CEO, Not for Profit

“I had the privilege of attending Play’s Established Leaders Programme. It was an experience like no other. No text book leadership doctrines here –instead a perfectly curated group, content that challenged me to look inside first, and an appreciation of the power of consciousness within leadership. I use the things I learned at Play every day –both in my professional leadership, but also in the way I manage myself. I have learned to play the ‘inner-game’ and I understand that mastering that will be a lifetime’s work.”

Jane, MD, Marketing Industry

“I made the mistake thinking doing this course would just help me get my next promotion. I underestimated it totally. This experience isn’t a management course in that way. It unpacks you at your very core and rebuilds you into a more conscious and egoless leader in business and more importantly in life. You discover what is real about YOU and identifies the masks you have built along the way. The impact is profound on you and the people around you. Every leader at a senior level should do this despite how confronting it can be at times.”

Storm Day, Marketing Director, Lewis Road Creamery

“I knew I could recognise great leadership but I never realised that great leadership is not something that can be ‘taught.’ What PLAY did teach me is about myself. I learnt how to recognise who I am, the masks I wear, the persona I strive to portray (and why), and how people react to that. I learnt how to step outside of my comfort zone and play in areas that I normally wouldn’t. I quickly realised how much my team members wanted this from me, and before I knew it I was having courageous conversations that soon opened doors and opportunities. I have noticed a dramatic shift in myself, at a pivotal point in my career, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Tony, GM, Construction Industry

“Sandy’s reputation preceded her and even before we spoke I was convinced that I was on board! I was lucky enough (extremely lucky looking back) at being part of the group Play pilot program (a mixture of small group sessions with one on one coaching and a Leadership Circle evaluation). The group work proved more powerful than all involved could have imagined … Figure out how to make it happen, and make it happen, you’ll never be the same.”