Comments from a mix of senior executives whom have worked with Sandy and her collaborators. If you would like to speak to any of our clients directly, we can put you in touch.

Anna Campbell, Chief People Officer, The Warehouse Group

I’m careful what I recommend, and I have no hesitation recommending Sandy and the team if you are looking to be a better version of yourself.  She does things differently.  Her programmes push your thinking, removing any excuses you have for stepping up.  I was totally challenged, had a blast and built a fantastic network on her programme.  As a coach she supported me hugely and kicked my but when required – and now there’s no going back.  If you want the same-old-same-old leadership development where you go back to your day job without making any change, then Sandy is not the person for you – if you want to make lasting change, then definitely read on!
Retail Sector

Chris Dobbs, CEO, Working Style

“I started Working Style 30 years ago and today I’m still at the helm of this magnificent business. Like so many business owners and entrepreneurs, one enjoys such a roller coaster ride of work and life. I have been guilty of not putting time into myself and have been stunted in the development of my leadership style. My involvement with Sandy has allowed me to objectively understand what I’m doing well and what I’ve been doing poorly and it has sharpened my commitment, my passion and my resolve to be a better leader and to grow my business accordingly. I’m a fan of Sandy’s, so are my people. I’m much clearer in my thinking, calmer in my reactions and I genuinely feel that I’m much easier to work with.”

Retail Sector

Jill Atkinson, Deputy CEO, Ecan

“As Director of the 2015 Global Women Breakthrough Leaders Programme,  I saw Sandy in action month after month, creating a truly special programme. She has an insatiable curiosity about the world around her. Coupled with her extraordinary network and reach into a wide variety of quality leaders created a delightful range of topics and speakers.

Sandy calls it as she sees it so be prepared to be challenged and at times find yourself in a state of “positive discomfort”, but you will be amazed at how your thinking will be stretched.

Sandy has a quirky sense of humour, creating a fun, innovative learning environment”

Regional Council

Wendy Paul, Director, Governance and Representation Review, Fonterra Group

“I had the privilege to work with Sandy in her capacity as Director of Leadership Development on a 12-month programme in 2015 and as my personal coach through this time. Sandy helped me to find who I truly am, what my Purpose in life is, she broke into the boundaries of my thinking and opened my eyes to my true potential. I loved the way Sandy took a no nonsense approach to my lamenting on about my confidence, and helped me to open my eyes to the world around me… I am still on my journey of discovery and Sandy continues to amaze me with how she continues to ask those challenging questions that raise my consciousness to new heights. Her enthusiasm and charisma excites me to want to learn more about human behaviours and the impacts on leadership and the world around us.”

Primary Industry Sector

Samantha Osborne, Managing Director

“After making the decision (which turns out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made) to work with Sandy on developing my Leadership skills, I can safely say Sandy has completely transformed my approach to life, work and play. Sandy is a rare blend of common sense, super sharp business acumen and practical advice. It’s a rough road at times, but one she drives with humility, force and humour. It’s been quite a ride so far.” 

Communications Industry